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Operation Rebirth Island: New Warzone map, mode & Gulag coming Season 1

Published: 7/Dec/2020 18:35 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 12:03

by Albert Petrosyan


Activision have confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone will indeed be getting a brand new map, mode, and “Gulag experience” when Operation: Rebirth Island kicks off as part of Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

Despite being delayed, the anticipation for BOCW Season 1 is higher than ever – and not just for all the new content coming to multiplayer & Zombies. Warzone fans are in for a major treat as well, as devs have been teasing that S1 will also bring the next chapter of the popular battle royale.

For a while, it wasn’t clear what that actually meant in terms of in-game content, but Activision has since announced more details about their plans and things have become even more exciting.


“Battle Royale is set to go beyond Verdansk: prepare to drop into a new Warzone map and mode at launch,” they wrote in a Dec. 4 blog post, which was followed with a cinematic that gave a first look at the new map.

Rebirth Island Warzone map & mode

Rebirth Island may have been Warzone’s worst-kept secret but now it’s all officially out in the open. Operation: Rebirth will introduce the brand new map and mode on December 16 – the first time that the battle royale will go outside the confines of Verdansk.

The island itself is very reminiscent of the Alcatraz map in Blackout – CoD’s first battle royale prior to Warzone – featuring a much smaller area than Verdansk and lots of structures for players to utilize and loot.


Warzone Operation Rebirth Island
Operation Rebirth will introduce Warzone’s new map: Rebirth Island.

Alcatraz featured its own mode, which Rebirth Island will as well. Based on some recently leaked voice lines, it appears that there will be a specific objective to the mode with possible additional respawning options being available to players.

This objective appears to be focused around “vengeance,” “revenge,” and “payback,” which the characters say repeatedly in the pre-set dialogue, which the leakers have since deleted from social media.

There’s also mention of “reinforcements” and “being last alive,” which makes it all seem even more similar to Alcatraz, which allowed eliminated players to spawn back in as long as just one teammate was still alive.


Blackout Alcatraz map
Warzone’s upcoming Rebirth Island map reminds fans of Alcatraz in Blackout.

Warzone Season 1: “New Gulag experience”

That’s not all; the publishers also said that S1 will introduce a “new Gulag experience” for eliminated players to fight each other and earn the right to another life. The current Gulag system hasn’t changed much since launch, with the only tweaks being various categories of weapons being frequently rotated in and out.

What this new “experience” means for Warzone remains to be seen, however. The likeliest change is that the devs will switch the setting where these post-death battles take place – from the current underground shower stalls to another similarly-sized location.

Unless they want to fundamentally alter how the whole system works, then it’s not probable for there to be too many major alterations other than that, as well as, of course, switching around weapons and including guns from Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer.

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Warzone Gulag
Infinity Ward
A “new Gulag experience” is coming to Warzone in Black Ops Cold War Season 1.

What else is coming in Warzone x BOCW Season 1?

There’s plenty of content coming to Warzone aside from the new map, mode, and Gulag experience. Once the December 16 integration takes place, all of the weapons in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer will be available in the battle royale – players will be able to pick and choose between BOCW or Modern Warfare loadouts.

Furthermore, the progression systems of Warzone, BOCW, and MW will be unified into a single structure, allowing players to level up simultaneously across all three titles whenever playing any of them.

There’s also all the stuff that we don’t know about – content the devs have planned that they might not have announced yet – so there’s plenty to be excited for once Warzone x BOCW Season 1 launches.