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New exploit allows you to get under the Morocco map on Black Ops 4 [UPDATED]

Published: 24/Oct/2018 16:11 Updated: 24/Oct/2018 18:38

by Matt Porter


A crafty Call of Duty fan has found a way to get underneath the map on multiplayer map, Morocco.

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The map is set in the North-African country of the same name, and features a muted color palette of tan, brown and maroon. 

The sandy streets, haphazard stone buildings and wooden structures in the town centre make the map really feel like a trading outpost or small merchants town in the middle of the blazing hot African desert.

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Originally posted on Reddit, user ‘Macker96’ states that he made the video available to raise awareness about the exploit, in the hope that Treyarch will move quickly to patch it.


Fans of the game have stated their disappointment in the appearance of the glitch, with some saying that the glitch “sucks”, while others encouraged players of the popular FPS to not use the appearance of this exploit for nefarious reasons.

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While there is currently no announcement as to when Treyarch will patch this exploit, the developers of Black Ops 4 have been quick to update the game since its release on Friday, October 12.

The game has received two major updates so far, with the developers recently improving the server send rate after complaints from players.

We have not attempted to recreate this glitch on any of the other Black Ops 4 maps, and will not be posting an explanation on how to perform it.

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Treyarch have announced that the lastest game settings update, released on October 24, has fixed the map exploit on Morocco.