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New CDL Champs cosmetics leaked for Modern Warfare & Warzone

Published: 10/Aug/2020 12:54 Updated: 10/Aug/2020 13:03

by Jacob Hale


A new bundle of Modern Warfare cosmetics celebrating the Call of Duty League Championship appear to have been leaked.

The Call of Duty League is currently in its inaugural season, and in August the Call of Duty Championship — the biggest event on the CoD esports calendar — will crown a new team of world champions, with over $4 million on the line.

It looks like Activision are looking to start building the hype for the event in the lead-up to it, with adverts for CDL Championship Weekend appearing in the newly-opened Verdansk Stadium, and now a new leak suggests there could be more on the way.


CDL Championship Weekend advert in Warzone Stadium
Twitter: DexertoIntel
Adverts cropped up in the newly-opened Stadium in Warzone, pointing players towards Champs weekend.

After being added to Tracker Network’s Call of Duty tracker, players have found that 12 new calling cards will be added to Modern Warfare and Warzone for players to rep and show their support for the league.

The new calling cards are all similar in design, emblazoned with ‘Call of Duty League Championship Weekend 2020’ text, but each have another unique logo on the left side of the card.

As there are 12 new calling cards on the way, all 12 CDL teams will have their own card, with fans able to show support to their favorite players or franchises by donning their team logo in-game.


While CDL packs are already available in-game, giving players a more unique way to truly show support to their favorite teams, these calling cards should help build up hype for the upcoming event and — hopefully — spur new viewers to tune in.

CDL Champs Weekend leaked calling cards in Modern Warfare
Tracker Network / Activision
New leaked Calling Cards for Call of Duty League Championship Weekend.

It’s unclear when these calling cards are intended to be added to the game, but it’s safe to assume it should be soon, with CDL Playoffs kicking off on August 19 and Champs weekend finishing on August 30.

It’s also unclear how fans will be able to get a hold of these — it could be that they’ll be bundled together in a ‘Champs Weekend’ pack, or that players get the calling card that matches the CDL team packs they’ve bought (if they have one at all).


Some are also theorizing that they could be viewer rewards given that the CDL has confirmed that new drops will be available around Champs through watching on their website.