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New Call of Duty: WWII Update May Have Silently Buffed Assault Rifle That No One Asked For

Published: 29/May/2018 18:24 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 13:00

by Calum Patterson


A new update went live in Call of Duty: WWII on May 25th, the same day as Division B of the CWL Pro League began, and some are speculating that major changes to weapons have been made.

Throughout the life cycle of CoD: WWII since its release on November 3rd, there has been countless updates to weapons, buffing and nerfing performance in attempts to improve the balance of the game.

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Some of the updates have been met with mixed responses, often splitting opinion between casual and competitive players, particularly when it comes to popular weapons in the assault rifle, sniper and SMG categories.


For competitive play, some of the changes have resulted in ‘gentlemen’s agreements’ – where players agree between themselves not to use a weapon – and some even in blanket bans, such as the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle.

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As a result of these buffs and nerfs, the BAR assault rifle had recently overtaken the FG-42 as the dominant AR of choice amongst competitive players, but some had even argued that it was too strong still.

However, it had been accepted and players at the professional level have been using the BAR frequently throughout Division A – and now it looks like it may have in fact been given a buff.


The full patch notes are unreleased at the time of writing, but according to numerous players, the fire rate of the weapon appears to have been increased, and perhaps even a reduction in recoil.

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Update – The full patch notes have now been released, and make no mention of a change to either the audio file for the weapon or any statistical adjustments, so the difference which these players have reported is unexplained.

With Division B of the CWL Pro League now live, we’re sure there will be more information about the weapon once these players have given it a shot in an official match.


If it has in fact been buffed, there will almost certainly be a call to have the gun banned or at the least a gentleman’s agreement applied, given it was already deemed strong before the rumored buff.