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Nadeshot and Scump playfully roast Censor during the Ghosts throwback tournament

Published: 24/Sep/2018 9:24 Updated: 24/Sep/2018 9:25

by Ross Deason


Doug ‘Censor’ Martin was the victim of some old school OpTic Gaming banter during the recent Call of Duty: Ghosts throwback tournament.

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Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, the owner of 100 Thieves and a former OpTic CoD star, was competing in the throwback event alongside his old teammate – and the current captain of OpTic’s Call of Duty division – Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

Rolling back the years to the Ghosts season also seemed to prompt some classic Nadeshot and Scump moments of entertainment from the same period of time, and none of their competitive CoD colleagues were safe!

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In a clip that begins with Scump mocking his current OpTic teammate Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter by saying “Yo, Crimsix’s head is fucking massive, I don’t know how he operates,” attentions soon turned to Censor instead!

“You got a girl? Don’t let her see me,” Scump joked after saying that he now wears his contact lenses more often than his glasses. “Nah, I’m joking, if you’ve got a girl, don’t let her see Doug. That’s my rule!”

Nadeshot wasn’t about to let Censor get away with being complimented so heavily, though. “Yeah, but then he starts talking and everything’s okay again,” said the 100 Thieves man, prompting hysterics from Scump, Jordan ‘ProoFy’ Cannon and Thomas ‘TJHaLy’ Haly:


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Censor returned to the Call of Duty scene for the start of the WWII season and made a number of bold claims about winning champs and beating all of the top teams.

For much of the year the popular YouTuber was ridiculed for his confidence, and he never did manage to win an event, but he did exceed most people’s expectations – most notably at CWL Birmingham where he finished in the top eight alongside Lightning Pandas.

The Gymshark sponsored fitness enthusiast has competed against Nadeshot and Scump for a number of years and will be well aware of their playful personalities.


“Man is he good looking!” Nadeshot finally admitted after the giggles died down.