Nadeshot accidentally roasts his own Black Ops 4 gameplay: "Who the F*CK is this guy?" - Dexerto
Call of Duty

Nadeshot accidentally roasts his own Black Ops 4 gameplay: "Who the F*CK is this guy?"

Published: 30/Apr/2019 8:32

by Matt Porter


Matt ‘Call of Duty players of all time, but a moment from his April 29 stream had his viewers in stitches, as he criticized a Black Ops 4 teammate’s gameplay – only to realize it was him playing.

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Nadeshot became an icon in the Call of Duty community during his time as a professional player, representing OpTic Gaming throughout his career until his retirement following the Advanced Warfare Call of Duty Championship in 2015.

Since then, the American has gone on to create his own esports organization Apex Legends or Call of Duty.

Riot GamesNadeshot has transitioned from pro player to owner of 100 Thieves.
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Nadeshot gets confused on Black Ops 4

For Nadeshot, his days as a competitive player are firmly in the rear view mirror, but the 100 Thieves CEO decided to hop on Black Ops 4’s League Play ranked playlist to test his skills on the latest addition to the Call of Duty lineup.


During a match of Control on Frequency, Nadeshot and his team found themselves in a tough spot, locked in a battle with the opposing team with few respawns available to either team.

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As Nadeshot pushed through B hill towards pipes, he was taken down by an enemy player, causing Nadeshot to believe his team had run out of lives. Hilariously, this wasn’t the case, and the former OpTic star stared blankly at the screen waiting for the player – who was actually him – to move, instead firing a Sensor Dart at a wall for seemingly no reason.


“You guys got this shit,” Nadeshot told his teammates while he stood still in his spawn. “Sensor Dart, wow, who the fuck is this guy? Wait, hold on now… Oh! This is me! What the fuck!”

Nadeshot took his hilarious error in good spirits, laughing along with the rest of his chat, joking: “I’m a fucking idiot! That might have been the dumbest shit I have ever done!”

Thankfully for 100 Thieves fans, Nadeshot will not be competing at the next major Call of Duty tournament CWL London, which kicks off on Friday, May 3 at the Copper Box Arena in London, England.