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MuTeX’s deadly accurate RAM-7 Warzone loadout could be the new meta AR

Published: 15/Jun/2021 16:15 Updated: 15/Jun/2021 16:20

by Alex Garton


Fans of Charlie ‘MuTeX’ Saouma have noticed the content creator has been using a lethal RAM-7 Warzone loadout in a lot of his streams. The build focuses on completely nullifying the weapon’s recoil and is the perfect setup for dominating on Verdansk.

While the Kilo and the AMAX are the clear top-tier weapons in the current Warzone meta, there’s a variety of guns that can hold their own against the two popular ARs.

One such option is the lethal RAM-7, this high-damage weapon is absolutely devastating at close to medium range and has minimal recoil with the correct attachments.


Call of Duty content creator MuTeX is a huge fan of the gun and regularly uses the weapon to rack huge kill counts while streaming. His build has been recognized as one of the most effective loadouts for the weapon and is definitely worth trying out.

RAM-7 loadout Warzone
The RAM-7 is incredibly effective in short and medium-range gunfights.

MuTeX’s pinpoint accurate RAM-7 Warzone loadout

While a lot of builds focus on making the RAM-7 do as much damage as possible, MuTeX’s setup prioritizes stability and aim. His build completely bolsters the weapon’s recoil and makes it pinpoint accurate at medium range.


  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: FSS Ranger
  • Optic: PBX Holo 7 Sight
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Mag

Instead of running the Tac Laser for ADS time, MuTeX utilizes the PBX Holo 7 Sight optic to ensure every single bullet hits its mark. This alongside the Commando Foregrip makes the gun incredibly easy to control and ensures tracking moving enemies is simple.


Next, the addition of the Monolithic Suppressor increases the RAM-7’s damage range and keeps the gun off the radar on Verdansk, which is key if you’re looking to remain undetected.

Finally, the FSS Ranger barrel boosts the gun’s bullet velocity and the 50 Round Mag allows you to take out multiple enemies in a single clip.

MuTeX even demonstrated his powerful RAM-7 build during his June 15 stream, showcasing the weapon’s minimal recoil and fast TTK.

As you can see, this RAM-7 setup is not to be underestimated and is definitely worth testing out if you’re looking for a new AR build.


Pair the RAM-7 up with an effective SMG and you’ll be set to absolutely dominate your Warzone games, and potentially secure a few victories along the way.