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Modern Warfare players beg devs to add new content as game is “abandoned” for Cold War

Published: 14/Mar/2021 12:21

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have called on developers Infinity Ward to release new content into the game, arguing it is becoming stale in the absence of new updates. 

Call of Duty’s annual release cycle means that when a new game is released, the previous one is pushed to the background. We can expect to see a similar pattern when CoD 2021 drops, and Black Ops Cold War will likely fall in popularity.

There are a few exceptions though: Black Ops III, for example, remained fairly popular in its second year given the poor reception Infinite Warfare received.

However, it’s probably fair to say that Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War received similarly mixed responses, so it’s no surprise that the former has seen the dissemination of new content slow in its second year.

Modern Warfare Shipment gameplay
Modern Warfare was a fast-paced and fluid CoD installment, although it was generally agreed its maps left an awful lot to be desired.

Despite the fact many players will have moved on to Warzone or Treyarch’s new installment, the game’s remaining player base are growing frustrated with the lack of regular updates.

A Reddit post from one player called on the devs to release more content, and amassed nearly 3,000 upvotes in just 12 hours.

“Dear IW, please release new content for Modern Warfare (Store Bundles, New Weapons, New Operators, New maps….),” it read. “This game has so much potential, please do something. There [have been so many] Bundles data-mined like (Iskra Dead of Winter Bundle, the Rainbow Sparkles…). The new guns (CX9-SYKOV-RAAL). The new maps… Black Ops Cold War is good, but doesn’t feel the same. Please Infinity Ward. For the community.”

Dear IW, please release NEW CONTENT for MW (Store Bundles, New Weapons, New Operators, New maps….) from modernwarfare

Many responses to the post echoed the same sentiment, suggesting there is a considerable number of players who still enjoy and actively engage with Modern Warfare, despite it being nearly a year and a half old.

“Why are you guys so shy to release new Modern Warfare content? It is even more popular than BOCW,” one said. Another went for: “Why is it that just WZ and CW keep getting content released and not MW. I find MW to be a far better game than CW.” Another comment accused the devs of “abandoning” MW for BOCW.

It’s fair to assume that, no matter how much content has been data-mined, there will be a considerably smaller dev team still focused on Modern Warfare. The nature of Call of Duty’s release cycle means that most of the development team will have likely moved on to prepping their next installment in the franchise, expected to come in 2022 after Sledgehammer’s 2021 release.

In the meantime, Modern Warfare’s dedicated players will have to remain patient and hope that new content drops sooner rather than later.