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Modern Warfare leak reveals gameplay of CoD 4 sniper R700 for Season 5

Published: 2/Aug/2020 11:40

by Daniel Cleary


Modern Warfare leakers have revealed an in-game look at a classic Call of Duty sniper rifle, the R700, and claimed it could be added to the game in Season 5.

With Infinity Ward bringing back weapons such as the Galil and Vector in recent seasons, it now looks as if a classic sniper rifle from past titles might also be added for Modern Warfare and Warzone players.

Dataminers have revealed an early look at this new bolt action rifle and claimed that the R700 might be one of the next weapons introduced in Season 5.

r700 sniper in Call of Duty 4 map
Infinity Ward
The R700 could be returning to the Modern Warfare series in Season 5.

Early look at R700 in Modern Warfare

The R700, which first made its appearance in CoD 4, is known for its incredible one-shot damage potential and could rival weapons like the HDR and AX-50 in Modern Warfare and Warzone.


An early look of the new weapon was leaked by BKTOOR, who revealed that it was still unfinished despite being added to the game files.

Although the new rifle is still being tested, the CoD leaker was still hopeful that the R700 might be released at some point during Season 5.

However, with the sniper still unfinished and Season 5 kicking off on August 5, it is possible that the R700 could be added later in the season.

“First look at the bolt action R700, not complete module.” the data miner shared, “Hope it’s a mid-season weapon.”

While it has been classed a sniper rifle in past Call of Duty titles, it could also be moving into the Marksman Rifle category in Modern Warfare, similar to the Kar98k.


This new weapon is still yet to be confirmed by Infinity Ward and players will likely have to wait until August 5 before the MW devs reveal more bout the upcoming season.