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Modern Warfare killstreak bug totally breaks your aim

Published: 15/Aug/2020 19:56 Updated: 15/Aug/2020 20:08

by Alan Bernal


A bug in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare makes one killstreak a hazard to use as it can leave the player’s camera perspective completely broken after calling it in.

The Wheelson is a handy remote-controlled drone packed with an oppressive grenade cannon that can make its way through tight corridors in Multiplayer. The 7-kill reward can be tough to earn but once you do, the payoff can usually end with a few more frags to your name.

Infinity Ward
The Modern Warfare bug happened after using the Wheelson, but players are reporting a similar glitch with other killstreaks.

That is, of course, if the person maneuvering it can keep the six-wheeled rover on its driveable side over the course of the killstreak. If not, then they could be met with a hilarious change in perspective, like user ‘Bubbins123’ showed during their game on Gun Runner.


Maneuvering through the refinery plant, the player was coasting until they hit the Train Yard’s terrain which started to prove too much for the Wheelson.

Damn didn’t get any kill- What the fuck from modernwarfare

It looks like one side of the drone was propped on the train tracks below it. When moving up on a barrel, this caused the Wheelson to flip on its side.

This made the killstreak bug out, at first the game showed the player’s camera tilted while still in the killstreak before it started to get jumpy trying to reorient its overall position. Shortly after, the killstreak ended but not before completely altering the camera of the player’s in-game character model after exiting the Wheelson’s perspective.


“Dude had this happen to me with a Cluster Strike,” another player said in response to the clip, noting how it happened to them after using a different killstreak. “The game hit a serious lag spike and next thing I knew I came out with a 30 degree angle to the right.”

Bubbins123 via Reddit
The glitch left the Modern Warfare player’s slightly askew than normal.

While this could be a reason for the bug, more people in the CoD community shared their experiences with a tilted camera after calling in a killstreak.

The Infinity Ward devs are actively working on fixing the biggest problems in the game, like Warzone’s demon gun glitch, among others.


If this bug proves to be a bigger problem for more Call of Duty players, then the Modern Warfare devs could step in to find a meaningful fix to the glitch.