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Call of Duty

Major Blackout glitch lets players get under the map

Published: 14/Sep/2018 16:29 Updated: 14/Sep/2018 16:37

by Matt Porter


Players on the Call of Duty: Blackout beta have found a new glitch that allows players to get under a bridge and kill opponents.

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The glitch allows players to get under the bridge between Rivertown and Firing Range, inside the metal structures that hold the road in place.

Players are able to clip out from the side of the bridge and shoot enemies, but are extremely difficult to see, and take no damage thanks to the protection of the metal framework of the bridge.

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With Blackout currently in beta, it’s no surprise that players have found a way to exploit the map to their advantage. Treyarch are using the beta was a way to test for issues and bugs that need to be addressed before the full game releases.


A YouTuber named ZLine uploaded a YouTube video explaining how to perform the glitch, which is actually very easy to do, and could be used to take out enemies without them even knowing.

This map exploit isn’t the only glitch that Blackout players have been able to find. Players have recently discovered the ability to duplicate items, to revive two players at once, and popular streamer LIRIK was able to hilariously drive a boat while it was upside down.

Hopefully these bugs and glitches will be fixed by the time Black Ops 4 releases on Friday, October 12.