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Loot boxes make a return to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Published: 19/Feb/2019 13:40

by Matt Cotton


Operation Grand Heist was revealed yesterday as part of the new content update and you’ll be able to download it later today on PS4. Along with this update is the return of loot boxes to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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These will be known as cases in Black Ops 4 and you’ll be able to earn them by playing Blackout or multiplayer. You’ll also be able to purchase these on the Black Market as per a Treyarch blog. These cases in Black Ops 4 have previously been known as supply drops in other CoD’s.

You’ll also be able to play Operation Grand Heist on other platforms next week. The timing of the releases of these cases/supply drops has varied in each Call of Duty. In Black Ops 3, supply drops contained a whole host of new weapons and not just cosmetic items. 


Cases make a return as part of Operation Grand Heist.
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The content of these boxes will only be cosmetic for the time being. The new update also sees the return of Blackjack’s shop along with his Reserves. The cases content will be from Blackjack’s Reserves. 

Players that have purchased the $50 season pass will be rewarded with the introduction of these new cases. A season pass is essentially a battle pass and you’ll be able get these new cases from the Black Market.

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These cases may not always only contain cosmetic items. As we’ve seen with Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare, weapons have been included down the line with different stats.


Will you be downloading Operation Grand Heist later today on PS4? Have Treyarch finally taken a step in the right direction? Get in touch with us via twitter @DexertoIntel and let us know your thoughts.