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London Royal Ravens must make these changes to end losing streak

Published: 15/Mar/2021 18:30 Updated: 16/Mar/2021 10:22

by Ava Thompson-Powell


After CDL Stage 1, and with zero match wins under their belts, Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker sit down with Katie Bedford to suggest some serious changes for London Royal Ravens’ struggling roster to help them end their losing streak.
So many top-tier teams within the CDL are absolutely killing their plays, something that Bedford states is, “easy to talk about… because they’re doing so well.”
But when it comes to teams like London, the trio believes that it could be time for a shakeup: “You don’t want to start off slow and not make a change and risk the opportunity in front of you, because if you wait too long, then you’re screwed,” Enable adds.
“I definitely think the teams that are in that 8 through 12 range need to start thinking about potentially making a change.”
Pacman also holds a similar view as Enable: “If I was a GM of a sports team… I would be pretty heartless about it… it’s a business at the end of the day, and they need to do something.”
While Pacman wouldn’t get rid of Dylan ‘Dylan’ Henderson, he’d see Sean ‘Seany’ O’Connor cut from the team, too, but that it’s “nothing against” anyone. It simply comes down to the fact that the current team composition does not work.
Ultimately, Enable thinks that there’s a “lot of good talent out there,” and it might be time to “take a risk” and sign someone and see how things shape up.

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