LA Thieves replace Huke with Drazah in Stage 4 Major due to misspelled name drama - Dexerto
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LA Thieves replace Huke with Drazah in Stage 4 Major due to misspelled name drama

Published: 17/Jun/2021 22:26 Updated: 17/Jun/2021 22:30

by Theo Salaun


After bringing Huke back into their Stage 4 CDL lineup, the LA Thieves have benched him again, just hours before the Major. According to the team, it’s because of difficulties involving a missed test and a misspelled name.

The Thieves benched Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland shortly after spending a bag to acquire him. Then, following a tell-all video, they brought him and Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat back into the starting lineup to finish up Stage 4.

Now, just a couple hours prior to their loser’s round opener against the LA Guerrillas in Stage 4’s Major, LA have benched Huke again. First explaining that Huke missed a health protocol test, the Thieves announced that Zack ‘Drazah’ Jordan will be taking his spot on the second SMG.


Later, 100 Thieves founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag elaborated that it may not have been a missed test. Instead, Nadeshot clarified that Huke misspelled his name on the original test and then forgot his ID for a second one — adding some wrinkles of confusion to the situation.

It’s unclear how the mishaps happened, there appears to have been some early struggles in the return to LAN. While many were hoping for Huke’s redemption arc on the big stage, Drazah may get his instead.

If the Thieves beat the LA Guerrillas, they will move on to the next round of the loser’s bracket. In that case, it’s possible that Huke will be able to get an official test done and be eligible for their next match.