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KiLLa’s reaction to announcement of new 5v5 CWL competitive format is hilarious

Published: 21/Sep/2018 1:51

by Albert Petrosyan


There were a lot of reactions to the reveal of the upcoming Call of Duty World League season’s competitive format, but perhaps the funniest one came courtesy of longtime competitor Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss. 

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KiLLa, who is generally considered to be one of the funnier personalities in the CoD community, was live-streaming the reveal on his own Twitch channel, along with his real-time reaction to each announcement.

The funniest part of his his “reaction stream” came when it was announced that the Black Ops 4 season will adopt a 5v5 competitive format, fundamentally changing the competitive CoD landscape.

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As soon as he heard the news, KiLLa’s eyes widened and his mouth opened, a facial expression which he maintained for at least 20 seconds. 

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It’s hard to tell whether he was being sarcastic with his reaction, since there were already heavy rumors and speculation about the switch to 5v5, or if he was actually shocked by the realization that the CWL had indeed gone through with the change, which some did not believe would happen.  

KiLLa was a lot more direct and clear with his reaction when the qualification process for the season’s first event – CWL Vegas – was revealed. 

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Of course all of these announcement directly affect KiLLa, who has confirmed that he will be returning for another year of competing. 

After spending most of the WWII season inactive due to a suspension for account ringing, the longtime pro has joined Krisis Gaming and will compete alongside teammates ‘TwiZz,’ ‘TCM,’ and ‘SupremeAgility.’