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JGOD responds to ‘bot lobby’ criticisms of his $100K Warzone tournament

Published: 27/Jun/2021 13:18 Updated: 27/Jun/2021 16:16

by Connor Bennett


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD hit back at criticism of his $100k Warzone tournament as some outsiders believed players were competing in ‘bot lobbies’ to boost their kill totals.

Warzone tournaments have been getting bigger and bigger over the last year, with huge cash prizes being on the line for players who can impress the most in Verdansk.

Each tournament usually has a different format and scoring system, but they usually follow a similar pattern of hopping into a public game and trying to beat your opposition’s kill total.

Public lobbies, of course, present issues. You might run into cheaters or you might get blessed with a lower-skilled lobby that you can feed on and rack up huge totals in.


Warzone duo on rebirth island
2v2 is the most common format for Warzone tournaments.

JGOD’s recent $100k tournament also used public lobbies, and as the YouTuber showed that in one game that two teams racked up 139 kills, some outsiders tried to accuse them of purposefully changing something to get ‘bot lobbies’ given their combined K/D is off the charts.

So, the YouTuber fired back and put some critics on blast. “This you with a 2.96 in a 0.86 Lobby dropping 22 Kills, just queuing up normally,” he said, exposing one critic who said these lobbies don’t “just randomly happen.”

He also responded to another, saying: “When your 1st thought is to look up the lobby, you are never going to be happy. You should spend more time on improving.”


Complaints about high-skilled players playing in public lobbies will never end, and the solution may be to implement private matches for everyone.

These worked in the World Series of Warzone event, but that was hosted by the devs themselves and was easier to organize as a result. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.