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Jackfrags shows biggest Warzone advantages on PC vs console players

Published: 14/Mar/2021 10:52

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Jack ‘Jackfrags’ Mason showed off the biggest advantages to playing Warzone on a PC vs a console, explaining that the battle royale’s developers might need to make some significant changes. 

The PC vs console argument has been raging for quite some time, with both sides having their own advantages over the other.

In the last few years, barriers between the two have started to be broken down with the advent of cross-platform play in certain multiplayer games. That includes Warzone where both sides have clashed and aired their frustrations with the other.

For PC players, the main complaint revolves around aim assist, while console players would like to have a Field of View option to match PC. However, as Jackfrags shows, there are a few more advantages on PC.


Roze skin from Warzone with the Warzone logo
The Roze skin is incredibly dark – and many players argue far too difficult to see on PC and console.

In his March 14 video, the popular YouTuber showcased some of the biggest advantages that PC players have, with one of his main points revolving around NVIDIA sliders. If a PC has an NVIDIA card in, it can use these sliders to alter the look of the game pretty significantly.

As a result, the dastardly Roze skin that has annoyed players on both sides, becomes pretty easy to see if you fiddle with the settings. Similarly, the lack of an FOV slider on console means that you can’t see enemies in your peripheral vision, whereas you can on PC.

“When you can alter the look of the game so much on PC, and make those skins stand out, it does raise a few eyebrows and you think, well, is it really that fair?” the YouTuber said, noting that further NVIDIA tools are coming in the future.


Now, while the answer for some console players might be to turn the cross-play setting off, that causes issues too. Lobbies are harder to populate, and that can become a pretty big annoyance. That doesn’t solve the audio disadvantage either. Jack adds that PC players use headsets vs most console players using TV speakers, meaning some sounds get lost. Though, some console players do use headsets, PC is a bit clearer.

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In terms of fixing some of the issues, the YouTuber says that lays with the Warzone developers, especially when it comes to in-game cosmetics like the Roze skin. They’re the ones who design and put them out there.


Whether changes will come later down the line remains to be seen, but as Jackfrags says, PC has a pretty big leg up on console right now.