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Is the Rampart the best assault rifle in Black Ops 4?

Published: 17/Nov/2018 2:10 Updated: 17/Nov/2018 2:11

by Mitch Reames


YouTuber Drift0r has released a new video offering a full breakdown of the popular assault rifle.

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He starts the video by saying “this was a fun video for me to make because the Rampart brings joy to my heart.”

That is a solid indicator of his thoughts on the gun and he goes in-depth on what makes the gun so strong.

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The Rampart does 46 damage at close range and 37 at distance, but the real strength of the gun comes from using high caliber 2 bullets, he explains. 

These bullets make it so the gun kills in just three shots, one of the few guns to reach that mark.


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Of course, the gun does have its drawbacks. The highest damage comes along with the lowest rate of fire.

This means that players who are highly accurate will get quick kills but players with a constant spread will find their opponents catching up to them.

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The other balancing mechanic is the recoil. A powerful gun comes with a powerful recoil and can make the Rampart hard to get the hang of.

Drift0r’s final declaration: “The Rampart is a downright filthy weapon with high caliber 2 equipped.”