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Infinity Ward reveals Warzone weapon tuning & bug fixes for next patch

Published: 11/Aug/2020 8:50

by Brad Norton


A week after Modern Warfare’s major Season 5 update, Infinity Ward has confirmed when the community can expect critical Warzone bug fixes to arrive, along with new weapon tuning to boot.

Since the release of the massive Season 5 patch on August 5, a number of unique issues have been plaguing Verdansk. Whether it’s teleportation, invincibility, or the common ‘demon gun’ glitch, there’s been a lot bogging down the experience of late.

While some bugs have been beneficial for various players, most of them are damaging the core gameplay experience. Leaving squads frustrated and unable to close out the win more often than not.


Infinity Ward has been aware of these critical issues for quite some time now. They’ve been slowly figuring out the problems under the hood while players get stuck into the new Season 5 content. The community has also been waiting with bated breath for new weapon tuning.

Now, a week out from the last update, developers have outlined when we can expect these fixes and weapon updates.

Infinity Ward address critical Warzone bug fixes coming soon

Call of Duty Warzone gameplay
Reddit: u/Tivez
An example of the ‘demon’ weapon glitch in Warzone.

Perhaps the most prevalent bug in Season 5 is the bizarre texture glitch that can occur at random. It could be your own loadout or an enemy in the distance. For some reason almost anything in the game can be morphed into a ‘demonic’ form that takes up most of your screen.


Fortunately, this issue has been on Infinity Ward’s radar for a few days now. Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams assured fans that this particular issue will be fixed very soon. “We’ve got two patches in the works that’ll fix a few bugs,” she said in an August 10 tweet.

While insane-looking weapons won’t be resolved in the most immediate patch, the second update aims to fix a “graphical corruption issue.” Additionally, “the ‘Play Again’ option not working,” will also be addressed in this forthcoming patch. 

“I don’t have an ETA just yet,” Williams added. “But we’ll share more details when we’re all set.” So while no exact date is locked in, expect to see these problems resolved in the immediate future.


Modern Warfare & Warzone weapon tuning on the way

Modern Warfare Ghost gameplay
Infinity Ward
The most powerful weapons in Warzone and Modern Warfare could soon be changing.

On top of these bug fixes, the CoD community has also been holding out for new balance updates. Each seasonal update typically brings new buffs and nerfs as certain weapons are rotated in and out of the spotlight. However, this kind of tuning was amiss from the Season 5 patch notes.

Warzone and Modern Warfare players have been stuck in the same meta from Season 4. This is finally set to change according to Williams, indicating that one of the two upcoming patches will focus heavily on weapon tuning.

The Communications Manager was tight-lipped on which weapons would be adjusted in the future update, though one small teaser was provided. A concerned player responded outlining how these weapon updates could come just days before the biggest competitive event of the year. $4.6 million is up for grabs at CDL Champs and players may have to get used to newly dominant weapons in a matter of days.


Alleviating these concerns, however, she explained how the upcoming balance pass will be tuning weapons that the pros “don’t use.” Rather than nerfing the popular M4A1 Assault Rifle, for instance, this update could focus entirely on buffing less prominent multiplayer weapons. They might also be prioritizing guns that may be more favorable in Warzone, such as the Grau.

Some of the biggest issues in the game today will soon be left in the rearview mirror. Meanwhile, an accompanying balance update should help shake up the meta.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days. Infinity Ward will be looking to implement these patches as soon as they’re ready.