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How Toronto Ultra can use the CDL Stage 4 Major to silence doubters

Published: 16/Jun/2021 2:25

by Alan Bernal


The Toronto Ultra are going into the CDL Stage 4 LAN Major as one of the hottest teams in the league, and it’s that fundamental cohesion between players that makes Reverse Sweep’s Enable & Pacman think they can have a good run.

As we head into the Major, the CDL community is hyped to finally see Call of Duty esports being played on LAN again. It’s been a long time coming, and CDL players will square off without the nuisance of online mishaps.

That goes double for the Ultra, whose successes have been memed on by trolls to the point of believing Toronto’s success can be attributed to the current state of the league.


“I don’t think this is going to be the case, but a lot of people seem to think that Bell Fiber is a piece of their success,” Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt said. “I don’t think it is.

“I think they’re the best team.”

Toronto Ultra YouTube
The Toronto Ultra has been consistently improving and are now a top team in CDL.

OverActive Media, the Ultra’s parent org, has a partnership with internet provider, Bell. As such, their 15,000 square foot headquarters is equipped with a full fiber internet set up.

There are as many trolls as haters online, and some of them really aren’t convinced that Ultra is a top contender due to the premium internet service that can dispel some online hazards.


But when the Ultra win, it’s because they simply outclass their opponents as a unit. While there are better players on other CDL teams, Ultra have been the best at optimizing their individual skill into something greater.

“I’m not going to sit here and pretend or be delusional, online is online,” Pacman said. “A lot of fugazi that happens online… But over the course of a season? It’s not going to make you a bad team or a great team.

“The longevity of it proves who’s better. In the short term, anything can happen. I agree. But Toronto has just proven to be a beast.”


That’s why the Stage 4 Major could be a turning point to quiet the doubters that still aren’t buying into the Ultra hype train.

Right off the bat, Ultra will face the winner of OpTic Chicago vs Dallas Empire in the second Upper Bracket round. Regardless of the opponent, a win there will boost their rep, and it’ll be bonus points moving forward.

With their eyes are on the Major 4 trophy, Ultra can get out of the playoffs with more than one win as far as their presence in the CDL goes.