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How to win more gunfights in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Published: 31/Oct/2018 11:38 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 11:46

by Matt Porter


With the latest edition of legendary first person shooter Call of Duty released just a few weeks ago, everyone is still trying to figure out the best way to win their gunfights on Black Ops 4.

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Thankfully, Call of Duty expert ‘TheXclusiveAce’ has uploaded a video that will help players win more gunfights while playing aggressively in the game, with the YouTuber stating that the Gung Ho perk and the Quickdraw attachment are key to winning your gunfights, and not finding yourself watching the killcam.

When players are sprinting and then press the fire button on their controller, there is a slight delay of around 300 milliseconds on Assault Rifles, 300 ms on Tactical Rifles, 250 ms on Submachine Guns and 325 ms on LMGs between the player finishing sprinting and firing their weapon. 


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With the game’s overall time to kill sitting between 300 ms and 400 ms, this means that if you’re spotted by an enemy when sprinting, they will likely kill you, or at least heavily damage you before you can even fire a bullet.

However, by using the Gung Ho perk, which reduces players sprint-out times, players can fire their weapon between 25% and 60% faster after sprinting, depending on the weapon they are using. 

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Unfortunately, every gun reacts to Gung Ho differently, so there is no set value between weapon classes.

Gung Ho is deemed to be so powerful that the perk has actually been banned from competitive play in the first version of the CWL ruleset, but is ideal for stacking up kills in public matches. 

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TheXclusiveAce also suggests using the Quickdraw attachment on your weapons if you are hoping to fire the first shot against your opponent, as Gung Ho only allows players to fire quicker and doesn’t affect the time it takes to aim down sights.

In Black Ops 4, Quickdraw allows players to aim 20% quicker across the board, with Quickdraw II cutting ADS times in half. 

Combining these will allow players to quickly aim and fire their weapon regardless of whether they are sprinting or not, hopefully helping to win those all important gunfights!