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Team picNICK win ZLaner’s $50k Warzone tournament: final placements & results

Published: 3/Sep/2021 23:30 Updated: 3/Sep/2021 23:53

by Jacob Hale


Warzone prodigy Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane hosted his own $50,000 tournament with Activision and Facebook, and some of the very best in the world faced off in what was an extremely intense custom tournament.

Custom tournaments have become the go-to for major Warzone pros in 2021, with the best players looking to face off against their peers and truly establish who the greatest Warzone player is.

So, ZLaner was looking to give back to the community and hoped to establish one of the most competitive custom tournaments to date, putting together a ruleset that had competitors seriously excited.

Here are the full results from ZLaner’s $50k Certified Banger Invitational.


ZLaner $50k Certified Banger Invitational results

There was plenty of action during the tournament, but in the end it was the team of picNICK, OakleyBoiii, and Ottereyes that would take the top prize. The full top 4 is as follows:

Place Team
1 picNICK, OakleyBoiii, Ottereyes
2 HusKerrs, Newbz, Nickool
3 Aydan, Rated, wuskin
4 Bloo, flxnked, caspvr

ZLaner $50k Certified Banger Invitational schedule & format

The tournament took place on Friday, September 3, with matches scheduled to start at approximately 11am PST (2pm EST/7pm BST).

Due to the nature of the tournament, the games took up most of the day — it was indeed a long one, with six matches being played total.

ZLaner even posted an early version of what the ruleset for the tournament would be, featuring placement multipliers, banned weapons, and specific match rules.