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Team Tommey dominate TeeP’s Trials $25,000 Warzone tournament: results & recap

Published: 10/Jun/2021 21:38 Updated: 11/Jun/2021 0:51

by Theo Salaun


Team Tommey have won, and dominated, TeeP’s Trials — a $25,000 Warzone tournament featuring custom lobbies with Verdansk’s best trios duking it out in mini royale fashion. Here’s a full recap of the event.

  • Tommey, Almond, and Newbz absolutely dominate the event.
  • $25,000 handed out to the winning teams.
  • Shotguns and launchers may be banned in future tourneys.

TeeP’s Trials $25K: Placements

Placement Team Points Prize
1st Tommey, Almond, Newbz 194 $8,000
2nd BobbyPoff, Ottereyes, Mayappo 120.5 $6,000
3rd Zlaner, Destroy, Clutchbelk 117.5 $5,000
5th DougIsRaw, bbreadman, Exzachtt 108 $3,000
6th HusKerrs, Rated, Aydan 91 $2,000
TeePee, UnRationaL, ScummN 91 $1,000

TeeP’s Trials $25K: Recap

In possibly the sweatiest Warzone custom lobby imaginable, one team set a pace few others could match. While the contestants debated using shotguns or launchers, camping or fighting, Tommey’s trio simply got to work and never put the hammer down.

Among the laughter (especially with Aydan’s team) and anger (people don’t seem to like shotguns), Tommey, Almond, and Newbz went on a rampage. With 194 total points, the team eclipsed the second-highest number of the day by a whopping 73.5 points. (For context, that’s more than double the margin between second and sixth…)


By the end, Tommey and Co. had loosened up enough to get funky with it. Ending the tournament with a nutty 360, followed by a quick kill, Tommey demonstrated why his teams have won back-to-back custom lobby events.

TeeP’s Trials stream & schedule

For those who weren’t able to watch the tournament live, you can still go back and re-watch the action. If you’re here for the host, then TeeP’s channel is a strong way to start.

If you wanted to watch any of the other big POVs, you can tune into channels like Aydan, Tommey, and Tfue‘s.

The event took place on Thursday, June 10, with action kicking off at 1 p.m. ET (11 a.m. PST) — giving it about two weeks before the World Series of Warzone custom lobbies kick off on June 23.


TeeP’s Trials Format

The event had 12 trios and a change in format that used private matches for mini royales where players can help decide on banned items and unique scoring rules — similar to the World Series of Warzone.

This means that games were shorter and more punishing if any of the teams made mistakes, which made all 12 matches an absolute delight for fans.

TeeP’s Trials teams

While the top six teams, who made it into the money, were listed above, you can see a full list of the 12 captains below:

  • Team Tommey
  • Team BobbyPoff
  • Team Zlaner
  • Team DougIsRaw
  • Team HusKerrs
  • Team TeeP
  • Team Tfue
  • Team IceManIsaac
  • Team Jukeyz
  • Team JoeWo
  • Team HollyLive
  • Team Vikkstar