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Team Envoy wins Ridge Off-Season $15k Black Ops 2 throwback tournament

Published: 31/Oct/2021 18:49

by Alec Mullins


Team Envoy dominated the competition in the TST $15K Black Ops 2 throwback tournament, where they were able to reset the bracket in the grand finals taking down old Complexity.

  • Team Envoy wins the double-reset bracket
  • Complexity dominate upper bracket
  • $42,069 was raised in Movember for mental health care

The yearly TST throwback tournaments have become something of a community favorite, and though 2021 has been the year of Warzone tournaments, these events offer fans and players a chance to step back into the past. For some people, this means reliving the glory days of their best games. For others, it’s all about experiencing something that’s been forgotten by time.

Whether you’re hoping to see retired pros return to their old virtual stomping grounds or how new CoD talent handles themselves in a classic environment, there’s something for everyone as we gear up for a return to Black Ops 2.


With teams like old Complexity and UNiTE set to take the battlefield, there are some good matchups you’ll want to catch.

$15K Black Ops 2 Throwback tourney recap & results

The Black Ops 2 throwback kicked off with a bang as the old Complexity lineup didn’t seem rusty at all. The squad dominated their opponent with a clean break-off and Clayster even doubled up on his streaks.

The team would ride this momentum to the Winner Finals where Team Envoy met up with them. The coL squad was able to quickly 3-0 them and move onto the Grand Finals.

However, Envoy and company would bounce back in the Loser Finals with a 3-0 win over Xotic’s team and then completed the ultimate comeback by double 3-0ing coL to take home first place in the throwback tournament.


$15K Black Ops 2 Throwback tourney final standings

Placement Teams
1st Envoy, Gunless, Arcitys, Prestinni
2nd Aches, TeeP, Clayster, Crimsix
3rd Xotic, Fire40, Mochilla, Exceed
4th Temp, Kenny, FeLo, TJHaly

$15K Black Ops 2 Throwback tourney stream and schedule

The event kicked off on Saturday, Oct. 30, and will likely run from the early afternoon into the late evening.

While most of the players who compete in the tourney will likely be streaming their own POVs, the stream embedded above is the best hub if you’re interested in tracking the progress of the event as a whole.

Ridge Off-Season series tournament format

standoff black ops 2
Standoff is a beloved competitive map from Black Ops 2.

There haven’t been any updates on what the bracket will look like, but we expect it to be in a double-elimination format using the classic Black Ops 2 MLG ruleset.

This means we’ll be seeing three game modes over the course of the day:


  • Hardpoint
  • Search and Destroy
  • Capture The Flag

There are a few rule changes to these modes in competitive play compared to their public playlist variants, like increased spawn-timers when a player dies in CTF, but otherwise, they’ll look much the same as players remember them.

$15K BO2 Throwback tournament teams

While not every player has been locked in just yet, we do have some early details on various team captains. From veteran CoD stars to the top names in Warzone, it’s sure to be another stacked event.

Below is a full list of every confirmed team captain at the time of writing:

  • Aches
  • Xotic
  • Aydan
  • Temp
  • Blazt
  • Envoy
  • Ricky
  • Cammy

We’ll keep you updated here as more names are announced the final off-season tournament of the year.