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Team Aydan wins BoomTV’s $25K Code Red Warzone Odd-Man tournament: Final results

Published: 25/Jun/2021 4:35 Updated: 25/Jun/2021 6:49

by Alex Garton


BoomTV hosted another $25,000 Code Red Warzone tournament which pit the world’s best players against each other in a unique Odd-Man Trios format but ultimately, it was Aydan’s Trio that came out on top.

  • Aydan’s Trio wins $25,000 Code Red event.
  • Odd-Man Trios format forced players onto opposing teams.
  • Top players included stars like Aydan, Diaz Biffle, and Tommey.

$25k Code Red Warzone tournament: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Team Aydan $12,000
2nd Team Tommey $7,000
3rd Team HusKerrs $4,000
4th Team JoeWo $2,000
Top 6 Team Destroy
Team MuTeX
Top 8 Team Jukeyz
Team IceManIsaac

$25k Code Red Warzone tournament: Results & Recap

Just 24 hours after the biggest Warzone event to date, Activision’s epic World Series of Warzone, many of the world’s best players jumped right back in for more. BoomTV hosted another major $25K event and just about all the big names were lined up to compete once again.

In this unique format, Trios were separated in a huge double-elimination bracket. On the upper half, both Team Tommey and Team Aydan cruised through their first three matchups without dropping a round. When it came time to face off, Aydan’s Trio won the first showdown before an eventual rematch in the Grand Finals.


Ultimately, an impressive first map saw Team Aydan up 20 points.

From there on out, it was a closely contested affair until map three where Aydan, Rated, and Mayappo closed out the Odd-Man Trios event win and took home the biggest chunk of the prize pool.

$25k Code Red Warzone stream & schedule

The event was streamed live on BoomTV’s official Twitch channel on June 24. The latest Code Red tournament only ran for a single day, lasting just under seven hours in total.

As well as the BoomTV channel, fans could also tune into their favorite streams directly like Aydan to Tommey.

$25k Code Red Warzone tournament: Format

BoomTV’s $25k Code Red Warzone competition took place over a single day and provided some unmissable content for viewers. The tournament was running an Odd-Man Out Trios format, forcing teams into a unique playstyle.


Each team of three was split into two: one Duo and one Odd Man. They then faced off against opposing teams, dropping into a Trios lobby with their Duo and the opposing team’s Odd Man, while their Odd Man dropped in with the opposing team’s Duo. Like Duo Quads tournaments, kills from each player were tallied at the end to decide a winner (e.g. Team A’s Duo plus their Odd Man vs. Team B’s Duo plus their Odd Man).

Although each of the Trios had an opposing member in their squad, they could not intentionally cause their death or negatively impact their gameplay.


On top of this, as the competition was hosted just after the Season 4 update, it was interesting to see what loadouts each of the players used. With so many guns moving up and down the tier list, it was no surprise that many of Warzone’s best were using the event as a chance to experiment.

$25k Code Red Warzone tournament: Teams & Players

Below is a list of some of the most popular Trios that dropped into the latest Code Red Warzone event.

  • Aydan, Rated, Mayappo
  • SuperEvan, Diaz Biffle, HusKerrs
  • Jukeyz, Fifakill, Zsmit
  • Tommey, Almond, Newbz
  • Zlaner, Destroy, Clutchbelk
  • Tfue, Piemxn, Blazt
  • IceManIsaac, bbreadman, exzachtt
  • SenseiSwishem, MVapulear, Intechs
  • Nickool, PicNickBasket, BrittneyRaines
  • TeeGrizzley, Guns, DJMas
  • ShawnJGaming, MrDaft, Sage
  • MuTeX, Scummn, UnRationaL

This was definitely not a competition to miss as Code Red events always bring the action. We’ll be sure to keep you updated whenever the next one rolls around.