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Team Tommey wins $50K Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown: final placements

Published: 28/Apr/2021 1:30 Updated: 28/Apr/2021 1:45

by Brad Norton


To kick Warzone Season 3 off with a bang, Twitch hosted a new $50,000 Twitch Rivals tournament which saw Team Tommey dominate for yet another event win. Here’s a full rundown on how the competition unfolded.

  • Tommey, Almxnd, and Newbz secured the win after a huge final map.
  • HusKerrs secured the $500 bonus for individual kills.
  • Trios had five private lobbies to prove themselves.

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Team Tommey $9,000
2nd Team Aydan $6,000
3rd Team Swagg $4,500
4th Team Bloo $3,000
5th Team UnRationaL $2,400
6th Team OPMarked $1,800
7th Team LuckyChamu $1,200
8th Team IceManIsaac $1,200

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Results & Recap

With just five private lobbies for teams to prove themselves, things quickly got off to an intense start. While kills were vital, everyone was pushing for that top spot in order to multiply their points. No one could quite match the exceptional game one performance of Team Bloo as they secured a whopping 44 points.

Moving forward, however, they could never get back to that elite finish, dropping less than 44 across the next three games combined. It was Team Aydan and Team Tommey who switched on after game one, putting up consistent high-scoring games to move further up the overall standings.


Heading into the final series, just 13 points separated them at the very top. Ultimately, it was Tommey’s team that overcame the odds and secure the first place finish after a massive 38 point final map.

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Stream

Thanks to the nature of any given Twitch Rivals event, every single competitor was live on Twitch throughout their run in the tournament. 

The official Twitch Rivals account served as a hub for the single-day competition, though all of the biggest names were also sharing their perspectives.

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Schedule

The latest Twitch Rivals Warzone event followed the trend of intense, single-day events. Instead of a long-winded bracket, this competition played out across five private matches.


Europe was first as the hottest talent faced off from 7AM PT / 10AM PT on Tuesday, April 7. Shortly after, the North American leg of the event got underway at 1PM PT / 4PM ET.

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Teams

The teams for the $50,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown were packed with huge names like Aydan, Swagg, Huskers, and more.

With 45+ Trios having dropped in, it’s no surprise the event was extremely close. Below is a full look at every team that competed throughout the tournament.

Warzone teams (per line)
1Bibby JoshuaAlfaro SuperVeryCoolGuyy
Alex_Zedra x2Pac_ThuGLorD CouponCode
AngelWalks iSmixie oGrevey
Arctix Drakota Yata_TV
AshleyMFSanders ShlayyTV Djmas23
Aydan HusKerrs Rated
Bloo Flxnked fukluvey
BossLadyLily Scriptehh BraindeadBernie
Destroy Med1cinee_ ClutchBelk
Elded Nephtunie JavierMtz
FIVEBYFIVEx Senseful_ Gangstazsalute88
Frozone aHTracT12 TheDezmond
GabbyDM GunsWorld Exclusives
GunMW Nukahhh KouzMania
Holly Mayappo Ottereyes
IceManIsaac Exzachtt bbreadman
Its_Iron ShadedStep Reidboyy
ItsMeRachelG Tilted_Jackeychu Bonq
JaredFPS IkesNasty RussDaddy
JessieCooks JJ_Official Wolf3
Jordy2D Sallyisadog TBD
Kalei pieman PorkYourPine
KurtBenkert Neonist bonzergorgon
LEGIQN MrDaft SloppyHarry
Letty SupAustyn JerKy26
LuckChamu Repulize TBD
MarkClarkk STUDLIE TrickyRick
MuTeX Blazt Tfue
OPMarked Yeet Devious
p90princess AWSKAR austinFBZ
Pamaj Dirty JHaZeGV
Pineaqples Bronana LoochyTV
ProblemWright AlmightyTJM Braxtvn
Proze NobuSpartan Blingcjay
Rallied Metaphor StayFinessen
Royalize_ AAmerica Bartonologist
SebasBeron Arrayyz itsEyeQew
SenseiSwishem Emsage NiicoInfinite
Swagg GD_booya SuperEven
TarikCohen ITzzRay_ lamxnte
Teepee JoeWo Dougisraw
TheDanDangler BobbyPoffGaming Babydillster
TheKipSabian MylesKayman Reedr
Tommey AlmxndTV Newbz
UnRationaL Stukawaki ScummN
zColorss intechs xAmpz

Twitch Rivals $50K Warzone Showdown: Format

In a similar style to earlier Twitch Rivals Warzone events, the latest competition featured a standard Trios kill-race structure. However, for this event, this tournament dropped every team into the same, private lobby. Meaning a slower pace was to be expected as teams battled for better placements, along with the regular kills. Rather than simply awarding bonus points for a better finish, Twitch Rivals added a multiplier to the total number of kills. 


For example, if the winning team secured 10 kills, their total would be doubled to give them 20 points for that game. Below is a complete breakdown of the kill multiplier.

Placement Kill Multiplier
1st 2.0x
2nd-5th 1.5x
6th-15th 1.3x
16th-25th 1.1x
26th+ 1.0x

Prize Pool breakdown:

Placement Prizing
1st $9,000
2nd $6,000
3rd $4,500
4th $3,000
5th $2,400
6th $1,800
7th-9th $1,200
10th-12th $1,050
13th-15th $900
16th-20th $750
21st-25th $600
26th-30th $450
31st-40th $300
41st-49th $150