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How to slide cancel in Warzone on controller and keyboard

Published: 16/May/2021 17:02

by Nick Farrell


Mastering movement is one of the best ways to get the edge over your opponents in CoD Warzone. Certain mechanics will allow you to breeze around corners and slide canceling has emerged as one of the superior movements players should learn. 

Slide canceling has been a staple within Warzone, and has been used by high-level players in previous Call of Duty titles as well. It can be greatly beneficial to players looking to dazzle enemies with their movement.

But, it’s not as straightforward as the name might make it sound, so you’ll need some practice to get it mastered.


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How have you been finding the new season of Warzone?

What is slide canceling?

The whole premise around slide canceling is an effective way to get around the map. It’s a mechanic used in previous CoD’s, and still works in the Modern Warfare 2019 engine that Warzone uses. Slide canceling enables players to swiftly get around the map, a lot faster than just simply sprinting, as well as make you a more slippy target in a gunfight.

Slide canceling uses a flurry of Tactical Sprints in quick succession, which allows you to move at an increased speed across Verdansk. Although slide canceling was also possible in Black Ops Cold War, the developers nerfed it heavily.


How to slide cancel on PC

If you are looking to take advantage of this mechanic on PC with a keyboard and mouse., then you are going to have to change around some keybindings within the settings menu.

First, change the left-ctrl key to Change Stance/Slide. Doing this will negate having to press in order to crouch.

new verdansk
Verdansk’s new look within Warzone

Now that you have this setting changed you are ready to start slide canceling all around Verdansk. The process of doing it is quite simple, as all you need to do is:

  1. Double-tap your Tactical Sprint button, which for most players is left shift.
  2. Immediately press the re-bound left-ctrl to slide, and quickly hit again to crouch.

Once you have figured the timing out, you can do this in rapid succession and you have pretty much mastered slide canceling!


How to slide cancel on controller

If you are looking to use this mechanic on controller then it is a lot easier, as you do not have to change around any bindings. Simply double-tap the forward analog stick in order to start sprinting, then hold your crouch button to begin the animation of sliding. As soon as the slide starts, hit the crouch button again to cancel the slide, and there you go.

Using this movement feature is one of the best ways to increase your speed around Verdansk, and it is a rather easy one to get the hand of. You just have to get the timing right when it comes to canceling, but besides this, the process is not overly complicated.