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How to get free ‘Tortured and Rescued’ Adler skin in Warzone Season 3

Published: 3/May/2021 10:11

by Connor Bennett


Warzone players have got the chance to their hands on a free, new skin for the Adler operator following all the issues with the Hunt for Adler event. Here’s what you need to know.

With the start of Warzone Season 3, and the continued integration with Black Ops Cold War, players were treated to a pretty big update that brought about the 1984 version of Verdansk, new weapons, new operators, and more.

Amongst all this new content was the Hunt for Adler event. The in-game event would start up as players dove into a match, with the Adler character having an icon on the minimap.


However, the event hasn’t run all that smoothly. Raven Software has addressed multiple issues with challenges for the event not tracking properly, among other things, which has been preventing players from finishing it and grabbing some new cosmetics.

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Activision / Treyarch
Warzone’s third season dropped a plethora of new content for fans.

How to unlock Warzone’s ‘Tortured and Rescued’ Adler skin

So, as the issues are still causing players headaches, the Warzone developers have switched things up and are now giving away the ‘Tortured and Rescued’ Adler skin for free.

Instead of having to complete the event, and its challenges, players just simply have to log in to play Warzone at some point during Season 3 and the skin will be theirs.

Once you log in, head over to the Operators menu, find Adler, and the new skin should be there. If not, you might have to restart Warzone after logging in, just to see if that helps you out.


  1. Play Warzone during Season 3
  2. Head over to the Operators menu
  3. Go to Adler
  4. The ‘Tortured and Rescued’ skin will be unlocked!

Seeing as you’ve got until the end of Season 3 to pick it up, you don’t need to rush to get the skin.

Cold War Season 3, and Warzone Season 3, are set to end in mid-June so you’ve got plenty of time to get your hands on the skin.