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How to get free Juggernog in Cold War Zombies Firebase Z

Published: 8/Feb/2021 0:53

by Tanner Pierce


Juggernog has been a staple in Black Ops Zombies and it’s still important in Black Ops Cold War. While it’s available to buy like usual, players can also get a free one in Firebase Z simply by completing some short and easy to follow steps.

Back in November, players discovered that the first Black Ops Cold War Zombies map, Die Maschine, included an easter egg that, when completed, would grant you a number of free items, including a free Juggernog Perk every time you completed it.

Suffice to say, it has become a staple for most players thanks to the fact that Juggernog is so important. Now, players have discovered that a similar easter egg is possible in the new map Firebase Z, albeit with some very different steps in order to complete it.


How to get free Juggernog and weapons

In order to get free Juggernog, players will have to…stare at a creepy bunny for a few seconds.

On the previous map, players had to shoot at a number of different orbs located around a room in order to complete the mini-easter egg. That’s not the case on Firebase Z.

That being said, the steps to complete this egg are just about tough as the previous iteration, so you won’t have to do anything too crazy in order to unlock it. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Activate all 3 Aether Reactors and turn on the power
  2. Teleport back to the main starting area and go into the room with the Pack-A-Punch
  3. If you look to your right as you’re facing the Pack-A-Punch, you’ll see some stairs. Go up to them and turn to the left
  4. After you walk past the Zombie entrance, but before you enter the other room, you should see a small, blocked-off hallway
  5. Face the hallway and ADS at the bunny located at the end of the hallway but don’t shoot it
  6. Stay staring at it until the bunny floats up, rushes towards you, and teleports you to a new location (if the bunny head moves slightly a few seconds before it rushes towards you, you’re doing it correctly)
  7. After being teleported, you should see a glowing pink bunny; run toward it and shoot it
  8. Repeat the aforementioned process two more times
  9. Run toward the glowing yellow loot crate and open it
  10. Quickly grab your free Juggernog from the ground, as well as any other items you want to keep before it teleports you back
  11. Enjoy your free Juggernog
After being teleported, players will have to find and shoot 3 glowing bunnies before they can get their loot crate.

And that’s it! After that, you should have Juggernog active until you go down or end the game. Unfortunately, like the egg that came before it, you can only complete this once, so if you lose it, you’ll have to buy it.


That being said, the fact that you can get out of having to spend 2,500 points is great, as you can then use those points towards Pack-A-Punch, the Mystery Box, or something else entirely.