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How to fix Call of Duty: Warzone loadout freeze glitch

Published: 31/Jan/2021 22:12

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone loadout freeze bug has been frustrating players ever since Black Ops Cold War’s integration, but there seems to be a workaround to fix the unbearably annoying issue.

Getting a loadout in Warzone is both delightful and terrifying, as the promises of your favorite guns, equipment and perks can be swiftly ended by eager enemies who now know your location. Since mid-December, the experience has become even more dangerous as users are finding themselves frozen when trying to choose their loadout.

This loadout freeze bug was initially game-breaking, as Black Ops Cold War’s December integration meant that some players would find themselves endlessly stuck to the loadout with no chance to pick it up or move away. 


While that was patched, a temporary freeze bug, that pauses players at their loadouts for several seconds, still pops up intermittently. In a game as tense as Warzone, those seconds are pivotal and can mean life or death. Fortunately, a solution seems to have been revealed.

How to fix Warzone loadout freeze bug

The best way to avoid the freeze glitch was shared by Reddit’s ‘88GetBent88’ and is pretty simple; although it hasn’t been fully tested hundreds of times, it does seem to work.

  1. Wait for the plane to start flying over Verdansk as the match starts
  2. Open the in-game “Options” menu
  3. Wait out “Options” lag if it stalls
  4. Leave the options menu once it has loaded
  5. Enjoy grabbing your next loadout without freezing

After seeing this suggestion from 88GetBent88, we tested this method ourselves — on both purchased and ground loot loadouts — and found that it seems to work.


Since the bug shows up sporadically and varies depending on the system, in-depth testing would be required to ensure it works with 100% certainty, but this method does seem like the go-to workaround for now.

Warzone gameplay
Infinity Ward
Loadouts are spooky experiences in Warzone.

This is a useful temporary fix for those who have been plagued by the annoying glitch. It’s also much safer than the other prevailing theory, that picking your loadout up while crouched, prone or sliding is the issue, as that one asks you to only grab loadouts standing up.

With how often enemies like to push teams who have just received their loadout, grabbing yours standing up and fully exposed is a risky fix.


This method, by simply opening your options menu earlier in the game, could make life easier until an official fix is deployed by Activision and Raven Software.