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Treyarch announce date for much-anticipated return of Hot Pursuit Blackout mode

Published: 22/Apr/2019 21:21

by Eli Becht


After being removed from Blackout much to the chagrin of Call of Duty players, Hot Pursuit is finally set to make its triumphant return to Black Ops 4 very soon. 

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Black Ops 4 rotates new game modes in and out frequently, but there are certainly some that fans like more than others.

The Hot Pursuit playlist was one of the modes introduced with the Operation Grand Heist patch and it put a huge twist on the Blackout playlist as players knew it. It quickly became a hit among players and helped revitalize excitement with the game.

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When is Hot Pursuit coming back? 

When the playlist was removed on April 3, there was a lot of anger from the community as there wasn’t a good alternative to it, but now those fans can now look forward to the return of the mode.

Treyarch announced on Reddit Hot Pursuit will be returning on April 23. This comment came in a response to thread asking Treyarch to bring the mode back so it looks like those prayers were answered.

This news will create a lot of excitement for Blackout players but don’t grow too attached as it sounds like it will remain a rotating playlist.


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What is Hot Pursuit?

There’s a reason Hot Pursuit is one of the more popular modes in Black Ops 4 and that’s simply because it’s a lot of fun.

Hot Pursuit puts a spin on Blackout by making it somewhat a variation of cops and robbers. Police vehicles come built with a sensor dart while muscle cars will be able to detect stashes and supply drops, which are both more frequent with this mode.

ActivisionHot Pursuit originally came with the Operation Grand Heist update.

The storm circle closes a lot faster in this mode which makes the action more fast-paced and frantic, but also gives players an option to respawn. If you have a teammate still alive at the end of a collapse round, you will revive.


For those who don’t own Call of Duty Black Ops 4, you’re in luck if you want to try out this mode as the Blackout playlist has been made free for the entire month of April across all platforms