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Hardpoint Rotations for every Black Ops 4 competitive CWL map

Published: 29/Oct/2018 20:30 Updated: 29/Oct/2018 20:47

by Vincent Genova


The CWL competitive ruleset has determined the seven maps that will be available in the Hardpoint game mode for Black Ops 4.

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These Hardpoint maps will feature in CWL Las Vegas on December 8, but will also be a part of the competitive playlists in Black Ops 4.

Hardpoint has become a staple of competitive Call of Duty and features an objective that moves to predetermined locations on a map. The objective will appear for 60 seconds before moving to the next location.

There are four or five locations that a Hardpoint will move to and they always move in a certain order. Learning these locations and rotating to them before they appear is crucial to winning a Hardpoint match.


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Black Ops 4 Competitive CWL Hardpoint Rotations

The blue circles on the following maps represent a Hardpoint location and the numbers indicate the order in which the Hardpoint will appear.

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