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Halo Champion Shotzzy pulls off ninja kill in Black Ops 4

Published: 23/Oct/2018 20:29 Updated: 23/Oct/2018 20:48

by Wyatt Donigan


Reigning Halo World Champion Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas showed everyone that he’s not just great at Halo with an insane 1v2 clutch in Black Ops 4.

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Shotzzy is a name that fans of the Halo Championship Series know quite well seeing as he helped lead Splyce to a World Championship back in April.

In one short clip, Shotzzy showed that his skill isn’t just limited to Halo and could easily make the transition into Call of Duty if he wanted to.

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Playing Search & Destroy on Payload, Shotzzy finds himself in a 1v2 situation with a pistol and a dream.


After spotting the last two enemies around the B-bombsite, Shotzzy pulls out his pistol and takes out one player before ducking under the remaining enemy and getting the ninja pistol whip to win the round for his team.

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His teammates can be heard yelling “Oh my God!” and “That kid just got ninja’d in CoD!” in the background as everyone celebrates Shotzzy’s clutch.

His teammates weren’t the only ones to get in on the excitement, though, as CoD World League caster Miles Ross chimed in on Twitter, as well.

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Ross adds that he wants “to cast over this sort of nasty shit all year long” and as the two continue talking, Ross discovers that Shotzzy is only 17 years old and is unable to compete in the CWL this year.


Fans of ninja kills shouldn’t worry, though, since Shotzzy assures Ross that he plans on competing in the CWL as soon as he turns 18 in July 2019.

Whenever he decides to make the jump into competitive CoD, Shotzzy can easily use this clip as a resume to show any prospective teams.