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Golf star Jon Rahm shouts out OpTic Chicago after his US Open win

Published: 21/Jun/2021 10:21

by Connor Bennett


Golf superstar Jon Rahm revealed that he warmed up for his 2021 US Open win by watching OpTic Chicago at the Stage 4 Major, shouting them out in his winner’s press conference.

Over the last few years, seeing athletes, musicians, and other celebrities start to mingle with esports stars has become pretty regular.

Quite a few celebrities and athletes are invested into esports organizations, while others have started streaming games like Warzone and tweeting about esports events.

Well, after he bagged a whopping $2,250,000 for winning the US Open, Spanish golfing superstar Jon Rahm gave a little nod to OpTic Chicago and the Call of Duty League.


OpTic Scump CDL Stage 4
Activision / Call of Duty League
Scump and OpTic Chicago were left disappointed by their defeat at the Stage 4 Major.

Rahm, who made a late charge on Sunday to pick up his first major win, was asked about what he did in the build-up to his winning round. To the surprise of many, that included watching the CDL Stage 4 Major.

“I did the same routine. For people that follow this, and Imma shock a few people, I woke up excited because I could watch a Call of Duty tournament, which is esports that was going on,” Rahm said.

“A team that I follow, which is OpTic Chicago, had just played the night before, and I knew I could watch it, it’s about an hour and a half, so I had a busy morning! I went downstairs, got my water and coffee, the chef was making breakfast and I was just watching my Call of Duty event, that’s as simple as that.”


Timestamp of 11:22

The now number one ranked golfer added that it might have been “shocking” to some that he was watching Call of Duty before a major event, but he’s all about it.

As a result of the clip hitting social media, he’s even been shouted out by Hecz, inviting him to meet the squad when he gets a chance. Even OpTic’s Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards was blown away by the shoutout.

While Sunday ended up being a good day for Rahm, as he secured his first golf major, it was less enjoyable for OpTic.

They were bounced out by Dallas Empire in the losers’ semi-finals, falling to a 3-1 defeat. Atlanta FaZe ultimately edged out the Empire in the Grand Finals by a 5-4 scoreline.