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Game-breaking Warzone revive bug is back and leaving players with no weapons

Published: 27/Feb/2021 14:31 Updated: 27/Feb/2021 14:32

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have been running into a classic glitch where they are left without a weapon, and it all seems to stem from the Stim you use to revive a teammate. 

The Stim has been a help, and a hindrance, to Warzone players ever since the battle royale launched last March.

It helps players who are pinned down in a firefight and need a quick health boost, but it’s also been the root of an exploit that lets players stand in the gas during the endgame and pick up free wins. Though, the Season 2 changes to the gas is aimed at getting rid of that exploit.


However, the tactical equipment still seems to be at the heart of a few issues in the new season, including a problem that is leaving players without guns after trying to revive a teammate.

stimshot in cod black ops cold war
The Stim Shot returned in Black Ops Cold War, working in the same way as Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Reddit user thediegotuber showed off the problem after it happened to them during a game on Rebirth Island.

After trying to revive a teammate who was downed, and then eliminated during the revive, thediegotuber was left without a weapon – forcing them to retreat into a corner. All they had left was a stim and nothing else.

This left them as a sitting duck as one enemy smelled blood in the water and eyed up a kill. It wasn’t long before the Redditor was eliminated and headed back to the main menu to search for another game because of the problem.


Game breaking glitch. from CODWarzone

However, they’re not the only Warzone fan to have fallen victim to the problem. “I’ve had the same thing happen with stims. It locked my ability to equip a gun or pick up any items,” said one player. “I got shot last night while grabbing armor from an armor box and a similar thing happened,” another added.

One player noted that, while they’d been hit by the issue, they were able to get around it by switching weapons back and forth.

The bug has been around for a while, stretching back to Modern Warfare, but it seems as if its becoming quite the annoyance again. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see if Raven get around to getting rid of it once and for all.