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Game-breaking Warzone bug crashes the game when picking up a contract

Published: 13/Dec/2020 14:57

by Daniel Cleary


Warzone players have found a game-breaking bug with Recon Contracts in the King Slayer playlist that is causing matches to randomly crash.

Although Warzone has been out since March 10, Infinity Ward have introduced plenty of new playlists such as the King Slayer mode, where players hunt down the top performers, to keep the game fresh.

However, there have also been some bugs and exploits found after Warzone’s updates, and one of the latest glitches revealed in the King Slayer playlist is ruining matches by kicking players out of the game.

train in Warzone
Infinity Ward
A glitch with a Recon Contract on the Warzone train is ruining matches for players.

Contract bug kicks players from Warzone

The issue is preventing players from picking up certain contracts around Verdansk without experiencing a game-breaking bug and being removed from the lobby.


Many players such as Redditor u/Jeremy625 noticed that one Recon Contract, in particular, has been causing this problem, and it can be found on the train that was introduced in Season 5.

The Warzone player revealed that he had been affected by the contract glitch even though his teammate was the one who picked it up.

There were plenty of other players who claimed they had experienced a similar glitch with the Warzone train’s contracts in King Slayer, with some calling out to Infinity Ward devs to issue a fix in the next update.

Another Warzone player u/rwp80 highlighted a clip of his team picking up the contract, and they ended up with the exact same result, dealing with lag spikes and eventually being removed from the match.


It is unclear if this is a server bug and if it has an effect on every other player in the Warzone match, but it is still quite a game-breaking glitch regardless.

Unfortunately, players will just have to try and avoid it for now, as Infinity Ward has not yet responded to this game-breaking issue in the King Slayer modes.