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Frustrating Warzone Season 5 bug makes players invincible in the Stadium

Published: 10/Aug/2020 3:27

by Brad Norton


While Season 5 of Warzone opened up the Stadium, turning it into one of the most popular hotspots in Verdansk, a frustrating issue is seeing teams gunned down by invincible enemies.

After weeks of teasers, Infinity Ward finally opened the Stadium with the launch of Warzone’s fifth season. The explosive opening cinematic tore the roof off and allowed players to drop inside for the first time.

It quickly became the most popular landing spot in Verdansk with plenty of loot up for grabs. The newly revamped location also came with its own unique easter egg that the community quickly solved.


While dozens of players drop here every single match, there’s a frustrating new reason to avoid the hotspot. An old exploit has returned to the Warzone fray, with the Stadium now giving certain Operators the power of invincibility.

Warzone Season 5 Stadium gameplay
Infinity Ward
The Stadium is now a huge playable space, but a new exploit could have you avoiding the location for now.

Verdansk Stadium is a massive chunk of the map. The multi-level facility can be approached from any angle with tons of items scattered throughout. However, you’ll need to be extra vigilant when walking through this point of interest moving forward.

Certain pillars within the stadium can be broken into thanks to a familiar exploit that plagued Warzone’s earlier seasons. Enemies could be hiding inside of a wall just waiting for you to run around the corner.


Call of Duty League commentator Joe ‘MerK’ DeLuca learned this the hard way during an August 9 Twitch stream. Almost ziplining out of the Stadium, the CoD veteran was left speechless as he was gunned down in the blink of an eye.

Seemingly out of nowhere, damage was coming through and MerK had barely a second to react. With his mouth wide open in shock, he watched the killcam to discover his opponent was actually inside a wall right next to him.

Not only was the enemy immune to return fire, but they were invisible as well, save for a gun barely peeking out of the wall.


This invincibility exploit can be replicated in a number of spots across the map too. Stadium is the most popular location for now, however, so expect to see it more often than not at this particular site.

Enemies have to remain in this glitched position for the entire game. So there are ways around the issue if you’re able to spot cheaters out early. In the meantime, try to steer clear of the Stadium until a patch is released to address the issue.