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Frustrating Buy Station bug makes Warzone players lose control of their movement

Published: 16/Aug/2021 18:01

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 5 is finally here bringing new content from perks to weapons. This has players rushing to Buy Stations to be able to use their new unlocks — but it’s not as simple as you’d have thought.

With Season 5 upon us and hints of an anti-cheat coming soon, players are starting to get back into the CoD Battle Royale.

All the new content including two new Warzone exclusive perks has players excited to visit buy stations, and get their loadouts to dominate games.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue when interacting with these stations. This is causing players to lose their mind as they are just thrown into the open.


Infinity Ward
Warzone’s buy stations are crucial tools to use, unless they betray you.

Buy Stations causing movement glitch in Verdansk

Players are reporting an issue with their movement when using a buy station. This is causing them have zero control over where they are going.

This Reddit clip posted by ‘El_Nieto_PR’ shows how this “auto move bug after you interact with a Buy Station,” can be extremely annoying.

PSA: Stand still before interacting with buy stations, or your character will move on its own from CODWarzone

After using the station you see the player start to walk forward. However, you can see that there are no hands on the keyboard, and the player is moving on its own.

The clip explains that whenever you finish using the Buy Station it will start to walk in the direction that you last pressed, before opening the buy menu.


The player also shows that there is no way to stop it from moving in the direction that it is going. It’s frustrating for players and the Redditor claims that this resulted in them getting killed in a previous game. However, some people are saying this issue isn’t for controller players.

Through testing this on console, we can confirm that this glitch is not occurring to players on that platform. So if you’re a PC gamer, to prevent this you need to come to a complete stop before opening the buy station.

In your next Warzone game you might want to be extra cautious before rushing to revive a teammate or get that loadout.