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First Warzone Season 2 teaser hints at Zombies being added

Published: 11/Feb/2021 22:47

by Brad Norton


Zombies could be coming back to Warzone in a big way, with players spotting a number of in-game teasers hinting at an upcoming Call of Duty crossover.

Just a few months removed from the popular Zombie Royale playlist, Warzone could be taken over by hordes of the undead once again; players have begun to notice in-game teasers that hint at some kind of zombies integration in the near future.

From unique easter eggs around the map to familiar gameplay effects, it appears as though Warzone has something big in store. The first major teaser appeared on February 11 as players discovered a new machine in the Verdansk hospital.


This enormous contraption appeared in the Warzone Rumble playlist and was more than just a visual hint. There was actually a function for the machine, as players could interact to “activate zombies.”

Various screens around the device further hinted at bigger plans in the works. Zombies easter eggs have long been some of the most elaborate in the gaming industry. Deciphering codes is just one step that players have grown accustomed to over the years and now there are new messages to unravel in Warzone.

A string of letters and numbers repeat on select monitors. We also have a note that reads: “Prove yourself, to the victor, so the spoils.” There’s no telling just what it all means for now, but it’s clear something zombie-related is on its way.


On top of this newly discovered machine, others have also been hit with a familiar effect. August 2020 marked the first in-game teasers for Warzone’s crossover with Black Ops Cold War. Players had their screens taken over by static without any warning. Now, it’s happening again.

This time, players have noticed a near-identical teaser while playing on Rebirth Island. After opening a crate at the beginning of a February 11 match, one player was hit with the static effect as new dialogue played in the background.

While this could be hinting at something completely different, the timing certainly points towards this being another zombies teaser.


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For the time being, there’s no telling exactly what’s in store. It could simply be hinting at the return of Zombie Royale, or there could be an entirely new zombie-fuelled experience on the way to Warzone.

Just yesterday Call of Duty leakers hinted at an ‘open-world’ zombie experience coming to Black Ops Cold War. Perhaps this is our first in-game confirmation of the biggest zombies mode yet.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.