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Black Ops Cold War adds new first-person Dead Ops Arcade game mode

Published: 2/Mar/2021 23:32

by Tanner Pierce


Activision and Treyarch have announced that a first-person variant of the classic Dead Ops Arcade mode will be coming to Black Ops Cold War in the very near future, marking a drastic change for the mode. Here’s how the mode will work when it launches. 

If you’ve ever wanted to play Black Ops’ classic top-down mode Dead Ops Arcade in first-person without needing a power-up then Treyarch has some good news.

In Black Ops Cold War’s March 2 patch notes, Treyarch revealed that Dead Ops Arcade would be getting an all-first-person mode on Thursday, March 4, 2021, much to the interest of long-time fans of the mode.


Dead Ops Arcade is generally played from the top-down.

According to the devs themselves, it seems like this is the classic Dead Ops Arcade experience, with players still being able to grab treasures, power-ups, discover new areas, and only more, with the only difference being that it’s not longer in a top-down perspective.

Players will also get the benefits of classic first-person gameplay on top of that, including sprinting, sliding, swimming and more, making this variant a true amalgamation of the two modes.

Dead Ops Arcade 3’s first-person mode will include all the benefits of the perspective change.

While good news for Zombies fans, it doesn’t exactly come as much of a shock.

The mode leaked a few days back in the game’s leaderboards before the launch of Season 2, leading some to speculate that the variant was coming in the very near future. Also, while it’s never been a full-time mode, in the past, players have been able to get power-ups that temporarily shift the perspective to first-person.


One thing that remains to be seen is how long the mode stays in the game. Treyarch doesn’t mention if this is a permanent addition, or if fans only have a limited time to check it out.

Here’s hoping that it’s the former and fans don’t have to rush to play the mode.