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Firebreak’s Purifier was spotted in Call of Duty’s newest Blackout teaser

Published: 4/Oct/2018 15:06 Updated: 4/Oct/2018 15:16

by Calum Patterson


A new promotional video for Black Ops 4 appears to show off a specialist weapon coming to Blackout that wasn’t in the beta – Firebreak’s ‘Purifier’.

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Black Ops 4 features 10 specialists at launch, all of which were available in the multiplayer beta, but specialists are not a thing in Blackout, Call of Duty’s first battle royale mode.

That isn’t to say that all trace of specialists was gone however, as you could still select their character models to play as, and Battery’s ‘War Machine’ was available in care packages.

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Seraph’s ‘Annihilator’ pistol was also spotted in boxes around the map, but it couldn’t be picked up or used.


Still, the hints are there that more specialist weapons – perhaps even abilities – could be coming to Blackout in the future, and it looks certain that the Purifier will be.

In one of the new CODNation short videos, uploaded by Call of Duty, three characters near the Estates area of the Blackout map can be seen using the Purifier at the 19 second mark.

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Treyarch have said that launch is only the half way point for Blackout, saying they have lots of plans for future content, new playlists and features.

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Considering these specialist weapons already exist in multiplayer, it would make sense for Treyarch to add them to Blackout, given how easy it would be to implement.


And they have more creative license in Blackout, with specific weapon balancing less of a constraint with the RNG nature of battle royale modes.