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Final Blackout beta update adds IX Zombies experience, bug fixes and more – Full Patch Notes

Published: 16/Sep/2018 17:54

by Calum Patterson


The Blackout beta has less than 24 hours left at the time of writing, but Treyarch aren’t finished yet, as they have release a final update with various bug fixes, performance improvements, plus a brand new Zombie experience.

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There has been a full week of Blackout beta already (if you are on PS4 that is, Xbox and PC users only got access for the weekend), and Treyarch have certainly learned, and changed, a lot.

The increased player count, from the original 80 up to 88 remains the same for the final day, as Treyarch continue to evaluate what works best for the mode.


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The main addition for the last 24 hours is the new ‘Blightfather’ Zombies experience, which is a teaser from the upcoming ‘IX’ Zombies that will be in the full Black Ops 4 release.

“Today’s update brings a terrifying new game event to the Graveyard, just south of the Asylum.

A new horror seeks to destroy all who approach its domain. The Blightfather has been temporarily transported from the upcoming Zombies experience, IX, to the proving grounds of Blackout. Great rewards await those ready to challenge themselves…”

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They will also be keeping a close eye on a number of performance issue and bugs reported by players, mainly on PC and Xbox: 

  • Crashes/Performance Issues on PC: With so many variables at play on the PC platform, we’re always tracking and investigating new reports of crashes and other issues on PC. As we mentioned yesterday, your new best friend is u/TreyarchPC on Reddit and @TreyarchPC on Twitter for all PC-specific updates. Please keep an eye out for those here on r/BlackOps4.
  • Xbox Button: We’ve gotten reports that some Xbox One users may lose controller input after pressing the Xbox Button while playing the Blackout Beta. We’re aware of this issue and will have it fixed for launch.
  • Mystery Box: Some players have asked about the precise interaction between the blue column of light on the map and the Mystery Box. In the Beta, the light denotes that Zombies have spawned at that location. Players must kill the last zombie in an area for the next box to spawn. At launch, the Mystery Box will initially spawn at Zombies-themed locations and will appear to be locked. Once the last zombie is killed that area, the box will unlock and can be looted. Write that one down for October 12th.
  • Redeploy: It’s been suggested that we allow players to Redeploy when the game is over for their team without needing to go back to the lobby. We like this idea too, and have added it to the To Do list for evaluation.

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Finally, some minor updates have also been added to the game in a Global hotfix, which has gone live on September 16 for the final 24 hours of the beta:

  • General:
    • Blightfather event added (all playlists)
    • Removed Close Quarters Frenzy from available playlists
  • Miscellaneous:
    • General stability fixes

We’ve also made the following general updates to PC:


  • Miscellaneous:
    • General stability and UI fixes
    • Fixed various controller issues
    • Fixed Inventory issues when disconnecting from the server

Source: Reddit