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FFAR secretly buffed in Warzone with attachments adding even more power

Published: 13/Feb/2021 11:46

by Joe Craven


Warzone content creator and Twitch veteran Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed that the FFAR assault rifle received a “secret buff” in a recent patch for the battle royale. 

The FFAR, following Black Ops Cold War’s merger with Warzone, has proven itself to be a viable weapon at most levels of the game. While there’s still some unruly recoil to deal with, players have recognized that, if it can be controlled, the weapon’s fast fire rate can tear through opponent’s armor.

However, NICKMERCS has now claimed that it received a covert buff in a recent Warzone patch, pushing it from a strong AR option to one of the best weapons in the game. It’s already one of the most popular Warzone weapons, but this could take it to the next level.


FFAR 1 loadout
The Black Ops Cold War FFAR joined Warzone during the games’ merger, back in December.

In his February 12 YouTube video, the FaZe Clan creator explained that certain attachments for the FFAR have been massively buffed, specifically highlighting the Ranger Barrel.

“In a recent update, Activision, Raven, whoever, they went in there and secretly made some adjustments,” he said. “Now I personally use the Ranger Barrel on the FFAR. Now Raven went in, the adjusted it and made it twice the bullet velocity, without anybody knowing.”

Alongside the Ranger Barrel, the stats provided by Kolcheff also suggest the Task Force Barrel received a similar secret buff. Bullet velocity refers to how fast bullets travel after being shot. The higher the bullet velocity, the faster the bullets travel to their target, and the faster you can do damage.


It has been largely unimportant in past CoD titles but Black Ops Cold War’s Gunsmith has seen it become another factor in choosing which attachments to use to best strengthen your weapon.

“Even before this update the FFAR was one of the best guns in the game,” he continued. “But listen, after this update they really did tune it up, gave it kind of a buff.”

Activision have, in the past, received criticism from the community for implementing secret changes to their games. It seems that players prefer to be fully aware of what changes are occurring in their favorite titles.


Off the back of this, though, jump in and throw the Ranger Barrel on the FFAR, and see what you think.