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FaZe CoD pro player ZooMaa’s Twitch ban is finally ending tonight

Published: 12/Sep/2018 19:05 Updated: 12/Sep/2018 19:59

by Virginia Glaze


Professional Call of Duty player FaZe ‘ZooMaa’ is finally returning to Twitch after what was supposed to be an ‘indefinite’ ban from the platform.

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ZooMaa announced in a Tweet that he would be streaming once again on September 12 – much sooner than was originally anticipated.

“There’s been a development! My stream will be unsuspended sometime tonight, so get ready for some Blackout cause this is my year!!😂”

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His ban was originally thought to be a seven-day suspension, and ZooMaa initially stated that he had no idea as to what caused it.

However, that suspension grew from seven days to an indefinite ban – and ZooMaa was just as surprised as his fans.

He stated in a Tweet that the reason for his suspension was due to revealing an address on stream, during which he thought that he had muted his microphone. Twitch sent him an email regarding the situation and stated that his ban would be indefinite.


“Was on the phone with my friend and thought my mic was muted, and an address was said. It was an accident and my first strike… idk how I got an email saying I’m indefinitely suspended.”

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However, the ‘indefinite’ part of the suspension was not to last. A day later, ZooMaa received another email from Twitch, where the company admitted that they had made a mistake and would be restoring his account within a six-day period.

“Heard back from Twitch. They made a mistake on their end and I will have my account back in less than 6 days. Love to hear that. #FaZeUp #ZooMob 💯”


Nowr, it looks as though his account will be restored sooner – after just five days, in fact. With the suspension over, fans can expect ZooMaa’s triumphant return with a stream of the Call of Duty: ‘Blackout’ battle royale mode Private Beta.