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Excelerate CoD player allegedly leaves ‘disgusting’ toilet gift after getting dropped

Published: 24/Feb/2019 22:47 Updated: 25/Feb/2019 16:49

by Vincent Genova


Excelerate Gaming’s Call of Duty Pro League team made a roster move and the player being replaced, FA5TBALLA, allegedly decided to leave them with an unwholesome parting gift.

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Excelerate started off the Pro League with a tough schedule, playing top two teams in the form of eUnited and Heretics as well as reigning world champs Team Envy.

They dropped two of the three matches and decided to make a change. Since the roster window for changes was closed, their only move was to make substitute Robert ‘RobbieB’ Brugnoli a member of the active roster.

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The team chose to replace Ethan ‘FA5TBALLA’ Wedgeworth with RobbieB, and it would appear that FA5TBALLA did not take the news well.

FA5TBALLA claimed to have left his apartment in a mess in a now deleted Twitter post.
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He let fans know his feelings by announcing that he he left something for his former teammates before heading to the airport.

“Off to the airport here soon handing my life’s work to another man,” said FA5TBALLA. “Least I could do was clog the toilet before I leave.” 

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His teammate Michael ‘Beehzy’ Said commented on the situation on Reddit, saying that he had to clean up the mess before Robbie could move into the apartment. 


“It was actually disgusting what I had to clean up today,” he stated on Reddit. “I feel bad for Robbie and the janitor who had to deal with the toilets.”

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Beehzy described the results of FA5TBALLA’s ‘gift’, saying the water overflowed into the hallway and even surrounding apartments.

A video has since been shared on Reddit that allegedly shows FA5TBALLA’s apartment after he left. We are currently unable to confirm whether it is indeed his room.

*Warning* This video includes some NSFW content that some readers might find offensive.

Wtf from u/Tropical12345

Excelerate is currently in a three-way tie for 4th place in Division B. Next week, with RobbieB taking the place of FA5TBALLA, they have matches with 100t, E6, Splyce and Denial.