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eUnited aBeZy clears the air after being called out by NICKMERCS

Published: 12/Nov/2018 21:45 Updated: 12/Nov/2018 22:20

by Wyatt Donigan


After 100 Thieves streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff slammed eUnited Call of Duty pro Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris during a lengthy Twitch rant, aBeZy has taken to Twitter to share his side of things.

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During NICKMERCS’ rant, he didn’t hold back anything at all, saying that aBeZy is “a fucking asshole” and that “he’s always been a prick.”

A few hours after NICKMERCS’ remarks went viral on social media, aBeZy has posted a lengthy explanation on Twitter to try and shed light on the situation.

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The eUnited player starts things off by saying that he has “absolutely nothing against [NICKMERCS] or the MFAM.”


aBeZy then clarifies that he isn’t quite sure why NICKMERCS said what he said since he says the two have “literally never played anything […] or even had a conversation.”

While aBeZy doesn’t know what could have caused NICKMERCS to dislike him, he thinks that it could be related to a series of Call of Duty 3v3 wager matches the two had a couple years ago.

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After NICKMERCS and his crew had beaten aBeZy in a $100 challenge, the two agreed to a follow-up match, but aBeZy ended up being a bit hesitant since they didn’t have a third player they felt comfortable playing with.


They responded and said they were down but then Blazt hit us up a couple minutes later while the MFAM was still playing a best of 3 wager on stream so we told them we would rather play with him to make it a fair match. At the time, Nick, Nio, and Ampz were a very good team so Blazt was the best option for a fair match. Me and Pac then hear that Nick is saying on stream that “he knows what we are trying to do and they aren’t stupid.” He was basically trying to say we were trying to scumbag him which honestly made zero sense because like I said.. they just beat us in a $100 challenge a day or two before.

aBeZy clarified that they weren’t up to anything nefarious and simply didn’t feel comfortable playing with their original third player.

He goes on to say that he was “aggravated” after waiting two hours to play with NICKMERCS and that he “disagreed with what they did and that was that.”

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The player then concludes by saying that “the past is in the past and I have no kind of hatred towards [NICKMERCS] or the MFAM.”

NICKMERCS has yet to respond to aBeZy’s statements.