Drift0r offering massive reward for help after fan steals dog from his home [UPDATED] - Dexerto
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Drift0r offering massive reward for help after fan steals dog from his home [UPDATED]

Published: 5/May/2019 21:20 Updated: 6/May/2019 0:02

by Albert Petrosyan


Popular Call of Duty YouTuber Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey believed that his dog may have been stolen from his home, and offered a sizable reward for anyone who has vital information on the situation. 

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Update – May 5

Drift0r’s dog Bumi was successfully returned home after he had been found and taken home by a stranger, according to Drift0r’s latest Twitter post.

As a reward, the person received $2,000 in cash, a gaming headset, and a SCUF Gaming controller, as well as an invaluable shoutout on social media.

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Original Story

On May 5, Drift0r posted a video explaining that he had found his dog Bumi missing from his home, and is convinced that someone sneaked in and stole Bumi from his yard on the morning of Saturday, May 4.


He even went as far as to say that he believes the culprit may have been someone that “knows him from the internet,” which means it likely would have been one of his YouTube fans.

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While he did admit that there was the possibility that Bumi may have just escaped from the yard and run away, Drift0r said that both he and the police believe that it’s much more likely that he was taken.

Eager to get his dog back, the YouTuber has offered a $2,000 cash reward to anyone who either can find his dog, knows where he might be, or has any information that could lead to the dog being found. 


In addition to the cash prize, Drift0r has announced that he will ask the police to drop charges if the person who took Bumi returns him.

Anyone who lives in the greater East Plano area of Texas, where Drift0r’s house is located, who may have information about Bumi’s whereabouts or the nature of his disappearance should contact him either via phone or email.

Please note that the phone number is a re-direct to Drift0r’s wife, so please be considerate and do not attempt to prank call. 

About Drif0r’s dog Bumi

Bumi is a eight-year-old red colored male Shiba Inu who weights about 30 pounds and has been neutered. According to Drift0r, the dog is deaf and slightly paralyzed in his front legs, so he can’t run and needs daily medication. 


Again, if you have any information that may lead to Bumi being found, please contact Drift0r as soon as possible. 

UPDATED: MAY 5, 2019 – 8:00 PM EST