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Dr Disrespect responds to NICKMERCS’ three Warzone saving ideas: “You know nothing”

Published: 31/Jul/2021 10:45

by Joe Craven


Moustached maverick Dr Disrespect has responded to NICKMERCS’ three ideas to save Call of Duty: Warzone, as concerns over the future of CoD’s battle royale continue to grow. 

While its player base remains in the millions, more and more Warzone players have been expressing concern over the battle royale’s future as cheating and other issues take hold.

The calls for greater action on Activision’s behalf are not new but seem to be intensifying as people express fear that cheating could kill Warzone.

One of the more vociferous community members, NICKMERCS, shared three ideas to save the battle royale. He floated the idea of a new map – potentially tropical-themed – a console FOV slider and, most importantly, faster and more efficient responses from Raven and Activision to glitches, bugs, and cheating.


players shoot each other in cod warzone
Warzone isn’t dying, but some fear it could if action isn’t taken.

During a July 30 live stream the Doc responded in typical fashion, poking fun at his fellow streamer and telling him he doesn’t know anything about game design.

“You don’t know nothing about game design Nick!” he yelled, much to the delight of his watching audience. “You don’t! Let me do the talking. Ain’t nobody tryna hear Nick talk about game design. Come on Nick. God.”

The Doc’s credentials in game design certainly surpass many of his fellow content creators – previously a level designer at Sledgehammer Games.

Timestamp for mobile users: 1:07:30

The Doc then took a less comedic approach, listening to Nick’s suggestions for a new map and more. “I’ve been saying it [about a new map] for months, Nick,” he said.


“It is interesting though, from being part of a dev team that worked on Advanced Warfare, how quick the team was on top of things that were game-changing. And I understand it was multiplayer, but at that time it was like a day, maybe two days max, and things were fixed… Warzone feels like they throw it out there and they just leave it out there. They do, they just leave it. I’ve never heard of that.”

He reiterated his shock that such a big developer seems so slow to fix bugs they implement accidentally with patches, and generally seemed to agree with Nick’s comments. Let’s hope Raven and Activision take note.