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Dr DisRespect has perfect reaction to Nadeshot smashing his headset

Published: 14/Sep/2018 23:11 Updated: 14/Sep/2018 23:36

by Virginia Glaze


100 Thieves CEO and founder Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag threw his headset into the wall due to a loss in the Call of Duty: Blackout private beta – and Dr DisRespect had a hilarious reaction to the salt.

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Streamer Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm broadcasted the clip of Nate’s emotional outburst on his stream – and it played more than once.

Instead, the clip repeated Nade’s rage over and over again, and the Doc looked around him as though startled at the sound of the headset making contact with the wall each time.

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He also made commentary on Nade’s performance leading up to his untimely defeat. “Okay, you’ve got that nice down, little head glitch right over the fuel tanker,” he said over the clip. “Nice.”


As it happens, Nadeshot’s anger wasn’t completely unjustified. The original clip shows that he was knocked down by an enemy who had hidden behind him, then ‘full-killed’ – meaning that he couldn’t be revived, and was left to spectate the rest of the match.

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That wasn’t the only salt-inducing moment Nadeshot has had on-stream, either. Nade also expressed some anger at the game’s armor in an earlier broadcast, kicking something aside at a death that he felt  could have been clearly avoided, had his opponent’s armor not been too strong.

Nerfs to Blackout’s armor were revealed not long after the clip surfaced.


Nadeshot was playing the Blackout private beta, which has now extended from the PlayStation 4 to XBox One and PC pre-orders, as well. The PC open beta opens on September 15, and will run until September 17 at 1 PM ET.