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Call of Duty

Dr DisRespect explains why Blackout is a better battle royale than PUBG

Published: 18/Sep/2018 18:47

by Albert Petrosyan


With the beta for Call of Duty’s new Blackout mode having ended, Twitch star streamer ‘Dr DisRespect’ is back on PUBG to get his battle royale fix.

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However, the Doc has since become less of a fan of PUBG, as the game’s flaws have become more apparent to him after he had the chance to try out Blackout for nearly a week straight.

His major contention is with gunfight mechanics in PUBG, and how losing engagements does not feel as authentic as it did in Blackout.

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“It’s such a weird feeling getting downed in this game and killed in this game ladies and gentlemen, i just doesn’t feel real,” he explained. “Call of Duty, I didn’t complain one time about getting killed in that game. Not once, because it felt like I was getting shot. It felt like we fought, and they won the battle, they came out on top. 


He went on to break down how the mechanics work in PUBG, and why they aren’t realistic: “This game, like that guy. Even though I’m jumping and whatever and I barely peak him. All of a sudden, the way he’s looking, he’s not even looking at me, it’s indirect. It’s so phony; this game’s such a hack!”

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Dr DisRespect was very open and vocal about how much he loved Blackout during the week-long beta phase, constantly praising Treyarch on both his stream and social media for having made a good battle royale game. 


The same cannot be said for PUBG however; despite the fact that the Doc is one of the biggest PUBG streamers on Twitch, he often complains about the game and its inconsistent qualities.